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Purchased a phone from a seller via Qoo10. The phone under six months guarantee - is totally filled with malware and when I complained to the seller, he promised to flash the ROM. But he is not serious. Just make reply there for other customers to think he is a good seller. I complained to Qoo10 several times. All I get is promises to look into the problem. But no action for the last 3 months. I hope people here realize this fact. You simply... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 02
  • #965857

I ordered 2 accessory watches on Nov 14, its almost 3 weeks still doesnt arrive yet!

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I bought items from different sellers amounting to over $100 and used my $10 VIP cart discount coupon to offset my purchase. I subsequently received an email from Qoo10 to inform that 2 of the items I purchased were out of stock. But the amount refunded was lesser than the amount I paid for them. I called the hotline to get a clarification and was shocked to learn that the amount refunded was net of the $10 cart coupon. I explained to the... Read more

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This shop sends defective garments out and then expect you to pay the shipping back for exchange or refund. I ordered four pieces, two of which are clearly unwearable. Rose coloured jacket is so badly sewed that anyone who looks at it knows it is factory rejected goods and seller just sends it hoping that I will not dispute the claim. Burgundy jacket is too long on one side and the panels are different sizes and lengths. This is also I... Read more

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I called in to complain about two items cancellation, the reason for me to cancel is because of late delivery. It has been more than 3 weeks with no reply from the seller. I talked nicely but the two customer service personnel from Qoo10 yelled at me. I have also sent in my inquiry using QHELP, again there are no reply or what so ever. Another frustration part is, I don't get back my full refund because of using their gift coupon. What is this.... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 17
  • #938249

I'm very disappointed with this When you sell a product u should know ur product and have the product and u are wasting my precious time just for your convenient to take back the item .....

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Qoo10 allows up to 7 days for cancellation/refund. In aug 17, i ordered a illobot from korea via qoo10. Delivery took at least 4-5 days. After receiving the product, charger was faulty n contacted seller on this. After exchanges of mails n investigation by seller, seller requested me to send back item via qoo10. Instructions were given that for refund but qoo10 system does not allow me to do so. I contacted them, they asked foe video n proof n... Read more

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Qoo10 loves to send spam by sneakily presenting a tick box after payment. Clicking on a button to view the order will automatically subscribe you to their spam (3-5 adverts a day). I complained about this issue to Qoo10 customer service and they expected that I provide a screenshot. When I told them to wait till my next purchase, they continued to reply with yet another request to provide a screenshot. These *** customer service personnel that... Read more

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Forced to cancel order of certain products after they deemed my buying volume to be too heavy. As I had bought products from different sellers in one order so I could use the $100 discount coupon, the cancellation of one item within the order meant that I could not use the discount coupon anymore. Thus, I had to pay full price for the remaining items, which was undesirable. In addition, the customer service was not helpful in trying to resolve... Read more

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Poor customer services I talk 24 june 2016 time 1525 customer service officer syrra behave very bad need to punish

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