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Dear all

I would like to pen down my frustration as a customer with Qoo10. They indeed has poor customer service and instead of solving customers problems they gave me more problems.

Have bought 2 items in 2 different transactions and to my horror they charged me tripled times to my credit card bills. If I have not checked my bill, I will not be aware of the excess / innocent charge. I urged all customers who purchased from to check your bills thoroughly. In my case, I would not even know if I did not check my bill. In fact there is email received from them that I made the purchase and they had debited my bill.

When I purchased the above 2 items, I received 2 separate emails as well confirming that my purchase & payment are successful. So how did the multiple purchases & debiting to my credit card bills come about. they have no answer for me and instead of calling me they wrote me a redundant reply asking me to write to them again. They did not even check with the reseller what has happened before replying to me.

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